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Scion Varieties

Listed here are the varieties and clones currently available from our mother blocks. They are available for grafted and ownrooted plants production. For any variety or clone not on this list, please contact us. We will do our best to provide you with the material you need. All budwood material we use, either internally supplied through our mother blocks or externally through our various partnerships, is systematically tested.

Red Wine Varieties

Variety UCD-FPS Clones ENTAV-INRA Clones
Cabernet Franc 214 - 327 - 623
Cabernet Sauvignon 4 - 7 15 - 169 - 338 - 412 - 685
Counoise Noir 508
Gamay Noir 358
Grenache Noir 515
Malbec (Cot) 596 - 598
Merlot 181 - 348
Meunier 864
Mourvedre 450
Nero d'Avola 1
Petit Verdot 400 - 1058
Pinot Noir 125 667 - 743 - 943
Syrah 19
Tannat 717
Tempranillo 770

Note: Clones in red come from Guillaume proprietary selections. See below for details.

White Wine Varieties

Variety UCD-FPS Clones ENTAV-INRA Clones
Chardonnay 87 76 - 96 - 548
Chenin Blanc 982
Colombard 551
Gewurtztraminer 47
Gros Manseng 1
Marsanne 574
Melon 229
Muscat Blanc 453
Pinot Blanc 54
Pinot Gris 52
Riesling 49
Roussanne 468
Sauvignon Blanc 376 - 530 - 906
Semillon 173
Viognier 6 642

Note: clones in red come from Guillaume proprietary selections. See below for details.

Guillaume Grapevine Nursery Proprietary Clones

As a result of its passion for quality grapevines and its renowned experience, Guillaume has been researching for years new clones of the main varieties in French aged vineyards. The objective of this search is double: enriching the Vinifera genetic heritage while retaining, and sometimes improving, the characteristics which have made the success of these varieties for centuries.

As part of our desire to provide American grape wine growers with the fruit of our long-term research, we started to import our proprietary clones to California via FPS. After a quarantine period and intensive testing, these clones were registered at FPS and Guillaume Grapevine Nursery obtained the agreement to grow them in its nursery block. You will find below the characteristics of the clones available for sale. Please note that this budwood may be available in limited quantity, and feel free to contact us for more details.

Chardonnay FPS 87

The Chardonnay FPS 87 is the result of a 10-year selection process in Burgundy's Meursault area aged vineyards (60 year-old on average). 8 clones were first selected, sanitarily tested then observed and micro-vinified for 10 years. The Chardonnay FPS 87 was selected for its ability to produce delicate and fine wines, with an exceptional mouthfeel.

Pinot Noir FPS 125

The Pinot Noir FPS 125 comes from the Cotes-de-Beaune terroir in Burgundy. At the beginning of the selection process, 15 clones were chosen in various aged vineyards (75 year-old on average), then put into observation and micro-vinifed for 10 years. The Pinot Noir FPS 125 was finally chosen for its ruby red colour, smooth and powerful tannins, and a lesser sensibility to Botrytis (30% less sensitive compared to common clones according to our measurements). With a low production level on average, the Pinot Noir FPS 125 offers an outstanding potential for premium quality wines.

Syrah FPS 19

This clone of Syrah comes from the Northern area of Cotes-du-Rhone terroir. It is the result of a 12-year selection process, which was first intended to remedy to the well-known Syrah decline while retaining the characteristics and the typicality of the variety. Among 8 clones first selected, the Syrah FPS 19 has proved immune to the Syrah decline and able to deliver intense and perfumed wines as well as medium-yield harvest.

Viognier FPS 6

The Viognier FPS 6 also comes from Northern Cotes-du-Rhone, more precisely the Condrieu area. After 6 years of observation and micro-vinifications, it was chosen among 12 candidates, all coming from aged vineyards, for its aromatic power (peach and apricot flavours) and its freshness.

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